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There’s a story inside every motive, because wanting something invariably has a result, some kind of outcome. That result may be nothing more than pure frustration – but then the frustration will have some outcome. In any case, the wish will lead to a result, and therein lies, always, some sort of tale, a path to narrative, and a route to the end.
Stephen Koch (via writingquotes)
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by juliettetang:
"In my younger and more vulnerable years…"
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Something as quiet as a change of mind is bubbling up out of the unconscious depths, spreading around the world, changing everything.
Wills Harman (via nathanielstuart)
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I love this, this is so simple but it says so much. Two different people with two different choices of drink made to specifically cater to them and their tastes, and they’re together; the drinks and the people. Spending time relaxing over a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and it just fills me with the happies.
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O dark dark dark. They all go into the dark,
The vacant interstellar spaces, the vacant into the vacant
T. S. Eliot, “East Coker” (via mitochondria)
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What lies beyond the hill by (shainblum)
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Through the pass by (petrology)
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Death twitches my ear;
‘Live,’ he says…
‘I’m coming.’
Virgil  (via mirroir)

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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raspberry (by cherylraharjo)
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Fiction gives us empathy: it puts us inside the minds of other people, gives us the gifts of seeing the world through their eyes. Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over.
Neil Gaiman- Fahrenheit 451 Introduction (via dortheaisles)

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